Media and Entertainment Law wreathes various fields such as Intellectual Property Law, Corporate Law, Defamation suits, Information Technology, Broadcasting and Multimedia contracts to include a few. With an alarming development in technology and to meet the precarious demands of the audience, the Entertainment Industry has advanced by leaps and bounds over the years. Currently, the Media Industry broadcasts its content over a plethora of platforms to cater to the varied demands of a wide-ranging audience, thereby attracting a myriad of issues.
With our eminent practice in Media and Entertainment Law over the past few years, the Media and Entertainment Law team of Lawkhart Legal brings to the table exceptional expertise across Motion Pictures and Television, Talent and celebrity management and brand endorsements, Music content and Music Celebrity Management, Internet and Digital Media; thereby providing end to end Legal services ranging as below:

● Advising on Film Financing and Drafting of Agreements in relation to it.

● Advising and drafting of Agreements in relation to the production of movies, serials, web series and advertisements.

● Advising on Import of Foreign films to India

● Protecting and Managing Intellectual Property/Brands for future valuation.

● Working on agreements relating to the territorial distribution and overseas rights

● Advising on issues relating to broadcasting rights, audio-visual rights and distribution

● Advising on agreements relating to endorsement of products by Celebrities, sponsorship of movies, Serials, Web series and advertisements.

● Corporate advisory services to Media Companies in connection with Merger and Acquisitions and other Strategic Alliances

● Advising on programming Contracts between Production houses and channels, production houses and their external teams

● Advising on the Implication of the use of technology in the Media Sector.

● Privacy and Data Protection.

● Litigation